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Success Stories

My son was 6 months old when he had to be hospitalised and had major surgery. After he was discharged from hospital we had a hard time settling him at night and before we noticed he was depending on so many props to be able to sleep that he was unable to sleep longer than 45 minutes. We had to rock and feed him to sleep at least 6 times every night. My husband and I were worried and exhausted when we decided to see a sleep consultant. I didn’t want our son to suffer more than what he already suffered with the surgery so I wanted a gentle solution to the problem.

After the doctor gave his ok we started the plan and on his second night he slept 14 hours. He clearly needed to catch up with some sleep. Now, we are 3 weeks down the line and he is sleeping 11-12 hours every night and taking long and restful naps during the day. He has been recovering from the surgery very well and is always cheerful.

Lucy F.

After we met the consultant my husband and I were excited to start the plan with our 2-year old daughter. We established our routine and followed the plan.

Now our 2-year old is sleeping through the night in less than a week. The first couple of days were difficult and tyring.  She would come into our room about 15 times per night. She also threw terrible tantrums.

However, by Day 3 we started seeing positive progress. I don’t have to tell you what a difference it has made in our household. We are all sleeping again and my daughter’s overall behaviour has improved. She was always a good girl but because she was so tired, she would act out at times. I am happy to report that she has stopped throwing tantrums entirely and she seems generally happier and more secure.

I have referred you to a many friends and I will continue to refer you to others having sleep issues. THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Audrey H.

When our 8 month old twins were still getting up several times a night my husband and I were getting desperate for sleep. The endless nights of interrupted sleep were starting to take their toll on our life and our relationship.

I read several other books and tried countless other tricks to get my babies to sleep, but nothing worked. A colleague at work recommended the program and it was a life saver.

The support calls and emails were fantastic.

Teaching your child to fall asleep on their own is a big deal and can be very overwhelming but the program gives you the information, the tools and most importantly the support and confidence you need to do the right thing for your whole family.

I can’t say Thank You enough. We have our lives back and my twins are well rested and happier.

I would recommend it to all parents.

Chloe O.

My 7.5 month old son now has the skills to put himself to sleep at night with little fuss. We noticed changes already on the second night, and then by the 5th night he slept 10.5 hours through the night which was his first time ever to do this.

My husband and I have our evenings back and it feels great knowing that he has some independence with getting himself to sleep when he is tired.

Kim B.